About Barnabas Fund

Barnabas Fund is an aid agency for the persecuted Church. Channelling donations from Christians, through Christians, to Christians, we forward funds to meet practical and spiritual needs of believers suffering because of their faith.

Our model answers the Apostle Paul’s call in Galatians 6:10, “As we have the opportunity, let us do good to all people, especially to those who belong to the family of believers.”

In a typical year, we support around 400 projects in some 60 countries – from feeding, self-sufficiency and schooling, convert care and victims of violence support, to Bibles, leadership training, and support for local pastors and evangelists.

Barnabas Fund have been sending practical help and aid to persecuted Christians for over 26 years. We serve the persecuted Church, working through local partners in many countries, often where Christians are in a minority and under pressure from majority-religion communities.

Converts from the majority-religion in their country, such as Islam, face particular pressures including losing jobs and home, family rejection and sometimes violence.

We always work with the persecuted Church as equal partners, whose local leaders guide us. We listen to their ideas rather than impose our own. Unlike many other charities, we do not send aid workers. We simply send money to local Christian agencies, churches and ministries already working on the ground, enabling them to run projects that they have developed to meet the needs of their own communities.

Distinctive ways Barnabas is helping persecuted Christians

  • We provide funding to meet their practical and spiritual needs and, unlike many charities, we will consider any request, however small.
  • We recognise the power of prayer at the core of our mission and encourage and facilitate prayer by providing prayer information, requests and resources in many different forms.
  • We raise awareness about the plight of the persecuted Church, particularly in the Muslim world, in order to educate Christians and others.
  • We contest injustice and engage in speaking on behalf of Christians targeted with unjust laws or the abusive use of laws.